How to Set up a Volunteer Opportunity in a Month: Part Two

Volunteering is consistently touted as a great way to boost employee engagement. Not only does volunteering build teamwork within departments, it also builds leadership and professional skills. Furthermore, volunteering serves as a purposeful way to aid in recruitment and retention efforts.

At Good Done Great we are in the midst of planning a company wide volunteer day, and we are less than ten days away from our event with Big Brothers Big Sisters! With the holiday weekend ahead, we are busy finalizing last minute details for our day of fun! We’ve been highlighting our progress on our blog, and here are some quick updates:


Who would have known that finding a bubble soccer vendor would prove to be such a challenge? After Myrtle Beach Bubble Soccercontacting multiple vendors with locations in Colorado, North and South Carolina, we finally nailed down a vendor located in Myrtle Beach, SC- Myrtle Beach Bubble Soccer.

GDG Tip: Persistence is key! If you have an activity in mind for your employees, be sure to consistently contact any vendors. Have a backup activity planned in case you cannot confirm your original idea.


We had our hopes on securing the local park or the local soccer stadium as a chance for the kids to explore a new place for the day; however, we were unable to secure either of these locations. Fortunately, the BBBS campus provides a shaded soccer field with covered picnic benches and grill which will more than accommodate our needs on a hot afternoon in July.

GDG Tip: If you cannot confirm your ideal location, make sure you outfit your final location with any and all accommodations to make your event a success including parking, restrooms, and food.


Our neighbors at the Rutledge Cab Company reached out on our behalf to the Riverdogs, the local baseball team in Charleston. They generously agreed to provide tickets and food vouchers for both the children and chaperones for the game to be played that night! Some of the kids may even participate in one of the between-innings activities!

GDG Tip: Spread the word about your event within your community. Who knows what kind of connections your neighbors may have that they would want to leverage to support the community!

As we tick off the final items on our to-do list only food and music remain. We can’t wait to spend the afternoon with these deserving children in a jam-packed day of bubble soccer and baseball that will boost employee and community engagement!

Stay tuned to hear how the event went!